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Supreme Sacrifice Rather Than Ultimate Fight

Bobby Wall, Wakefield, Massachusetts

Have you ever stopped using drugs or alcohol after your life began to spiral out of control, loss of relationships, jobs, health, sanity, ended up in jail, detox, curled up in the fetal position violently sick making a firm resolution never to pick up again? You have every intention to stay stopped but in a short amount of time, you find yourself drunk or high again with zero understanding how this could have happened.
The kind of thoughts that dominate the mind of an addict or alcoholic that precede a relapse is referred to as the mental obsession. This is the reason that once we stop, we can’t stay stopped. No matter how great the necessity or the wish to never pick up again, we do not have the necessary willpower to stay stopped.
“The idea that somehow, someday we will control and enjoy our drinking or using is the great obsession of every abnormal drinker or addict”
The mental obsession ONLY happens while we are sober, not while actively using.

So are drugs and alcohol the main problem, or just a symptom of the real issue?

If drugs and alcohol were the main problems, the first time I made a firm resolution to stop using and drinking altogether and went into detox, I would have been able to stay stopped for good.  Unfortunately every time I’ve made a firm resolution to stay stopped I was unable to do so. So how do we conquer the mental obsession?

The only solution that we have found to conquer the mental obsession is an entire psychic change that is induced by the Twelve Steps of A.A and practicing spiritual principles in all of our affairs.