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house rules

Brady's Place Retreat

Brady’s Place Retreat

House Rules

  • Zero tolerance policy on alcohol/drug use
  • Zero tolerance on violence or destruction of property
  • No sexual activity of any kind
  • No intimidating or violent behavior of any kind
  • No personal cell phones or social media while in phase one
  • No smoking or vaping in the house (only in outside designated area)
  • No theft of any kind
  • No weapons of any kind
  • No food or drinks except bottled H20 allowed in bedrooms
  • Must be mindful of neighbors and keep voices/music at a reasonable level
  • Guests must remain on property unless escorted by management
  • Guests must complete assigned chores and abide by daily schedule unless approved by management
  • Have Bed made and any personal space cleaned by 8:30
  • Guests must be actively working the 12 steps out of the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous
  • Must complete nightly review work sheet daily
  • Guests are subject to random house urinalysis/drug test
  • Understand that management has the right to search my property at any time while I am a guest at Brady’s Place Retreat
  • Brady’s Place Retreat is not responsible for losses or theft of personal property
  • Brady’s Place Retreat is not responsible for items remaining at the retreat after guest has left for any reason. Every reasonable effort will be made to safeguard these items, for a period of 48hrs; at which time they will be donated to the house or another charity

What we believe in

“We recover¬†from the steps we take not just the meetings we make”

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