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12-Step Sober Living For Women

View Our 12-Step Sober Living For Women in Quincy Massachusetts.

See Our 12-Step Retreat

Brady’s Place Retreat Is Our 12-Step, Immersion-Based Program located in Quincy, MA. This is a long-term program that is normally completed before sober living.

12-Step Sober Living For Men

View Our 12-Step Sober Living For Men in Quincy and Weymouth Massachusetts.

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Our 12-Step Services For Men & Women

Brady’s Place 12-Step Sober Living offers recovery residences where chemically dependent men and women can start to rebuild their lives while living in a safe, secure, supportive, alcohol & drug-free environment.  Brady’s Place offers 12-step, solution-based recovery homes, and retreats in Massachusetts. Our purpose is to help bridge the gap between intensive treatment and lasting, independent sober living by helping our residents recover from addiction. We want to help our residents build a strong foundation for continued sobriety, gain self-worth, and feel useful again.  We wish to bring hope to our resident’s family members as well. Our motto here is simple: “We recover from the steps we take, not just the meetings we make.”

Brian B Testimonial

Brady’s Place Retreat changed my life. I highly recommend to anyone out there struggling. This is the best treatment out there. I was introduced to the solution, the 12 steps of A.A. Something I had never given a chance. Here I had the best experience of my life,a life changing experience. Today I am the person I’ve always wanted to be. I’m comfortable in my own skin. I will never forget this place along with the amazing staff!

Karen B Testimonial

Highly recommend this for anyone who is serious about recovery….my son is further into the 12 steps than ever before and is proud of himself…huge changes…the staff is amazing and very understanding cuz they have been there before!!!!

Kelly G Testimonial

I have just recently spent time at the Brady’s Place Retreat. The staff is amazing with their stories of recovery each and everyone had their own Journey. Through this I never felt alone. I know I still have a long road ahead of me will suffer with this disease for the rest of my life but there is an answer and it’s in the 12 steps. The retreat is much like a family saying goodbye to my friends I have made there was bittersweet. But in saying that I know they will be forever there for me through this journey called life. I highly recommend Brady’s Place Retreat for anyone suffering with addiction of any kind.

Joanne R Testimonial

This should be shared with the people in state government who are trying to help find a solution to this problem.

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