View our men’s 12-step sober living houses in Weymouth, MA

View the exterior of our house

View the interior of our house – We have 3 full-size bathrooms. New finished kitchen. 2 large living rooms and a game room.

View our men's 12-step sober living houses in Quincy, MA

View the exterior of our houses

View the interior of our houses

House Rules and Regulations

  • House curfew: Sun-Thurs, 11 pm, Fri-Sat, 12 am

  • Assigned chores must be completed by 9 am

  • Bedroom must be kept clean; bed must be made by 9 am

  • No females (other than family) allowed in the house at any time in females house.

  • Family is welcome in the common areas and outside

  • No smoking/vaping in-house; only in outside designated areas

  • No overnight absences for first 30 days; then one per week with mgt. approval and notification at least 24 hours in advance

  • Attend weekly house meeting on Monday nights at 7:00 pm

  • Must actively seek a job and/or volunteer in the community

Grounds for immediate termination from residence

  • Alcohol/drug use

  • Causing physical or emotional harm to another resident

  • Stealing or damaging property

  • Engaging in illegal activities

  • Threatening or intimidating behavior

  • Possession of weapons of any sort

  • Refusal of random urine testing

12-Step Requirements & Alcohol/Drug Testing

  • Must have a sponsor approved by management within two weeks of arrival

  • Must meet with a sponsor at least once per week and be actively working the twelve steps

  • Must attend a minimum of at least 3 outside meetings per week

  • Must join a home group within 30 days of arrival

  • Mandatory urine testing on Mondays and Thursdays between 5:30-7 pm

  • All residents must consent to random urine testing (positive test results are shared with courts and/or your community supervising authority)